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 In light of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 framework, we whish to valuably contributeby working with chidren aged from 05 to 08 in order to raise their awareness and encourage thepromotion of the cultural heritage of Europe.

  The Stories, Fairytales and Legends all over Europe project gives the oportunity to 5 schools from 5 different EU Countries (Latvia, Turkey Romania, Spain, Italy) to get in touch and work together.

  The project is developed based on a number of common needs among all partners. More specifically, reducing students' tendency to be introverted and withdrawn, to display antisocial and aggressive behaviors is a central common need. Some more needs are to cultivate freedom ofthought and cultural awareness and knowledge in order to equip the pupils with the necessary skillsto sucessfully integrate in a complex multicultural society. Finally, a main goal is to render the schoolcurriculum wider and internationalised and inspire pupils and teachers to seek ongoing self-development.

  Stories are a strong means of teaching about life ingeneral, the self and others. Storytelling is a teaching tool which helps children develop theirimagination, empathy, creativity, respect, acceptance, tolerance, appreciation for diverse culturesand induce a positive mentality and attitude among all project participants indepndently of theirnational, racial and religious particularities.