Our school, Colegio Cooperativa Lagomar, was built in 1999 and has children from Nursery to high school students, so it’s a big school which has a lot of variety of activities adapted to all kind of ages and ways of educating. It has 79 teachers and 30 more other staff working in the canteen or secretary office.



It is all a building but it has separated areas, one is the Nursery and kindergarden, which is for children up to five years old. Another part for Primary students, up to 12 years old, and the last part, also divided in two, one for secondary students from 12 to 14 years old, and the other for teenagers from 14 to 16 and high school 16 up to 18 years old. We have in total 1248 students.


We have big facilities, three playgrounds, separated by ages, two sport centres,a swimming pool one for little children and the other one for the rest, two canteens and three computer rooms, apart from the 46 classes and two more for children with special needs.


Our educational project focuses in three main objectives apart from education : environment, social activities with charities and care of the cultural heritage (CSIC)

We are a school very committed with environment and social values. All our teachers use the same methodology from a very early age to the older ones, adapted to all kind of ages. We have different learning methods which  are used to reinforce all personal and educational values, our main goal is to educate children as responsible, autonomous and confident citizens able to make their own future decisions, be independent and develop problem solving.

Apart from the curricular subjects, we have our own projects to reinforce subjects as Maths, writing skills, TIC and second language learning.



- Collaborative learning. All students work teams and each member has a role in the group.

  • Robotics: lego education.
  • Use of technology; Apple School. All children use ipads from kindergarden to 9 years old twice or three times a week. The rest of the students, 10-16 years old is one to one, so they are used to using technology and are very familiar with different educational apps.
  • A special maths programme from the very early age.
  • A special programme to learn how our language work to develop written skills.
  • English special programme. Students have more English lessons per week and take the opportunity to do Cambridge exams in the school, held once a year.
  • French as a second language.
  • All kind of sport activities ( swimming, skating, football, volleyball and basketball) all of them included in local competitions.
  • Art academy ( music and dancing) where students learn how to play different musical instruments and dance too.
  • Exchange programmes with France and England.
  • A special programme with high school students to cooperate with different local charities and associations.


All our students succeed in getting their school certificate both in secondary school or high school  and most of them go on with their post education at university or at higher training programmes. So we feel really proud of being part of their lives from the very early ages till eighteen year old.