This is our school Mustafa Kemal Primary School. Our school is named after the great founder of Turkish Rebuplic, Mustafa Kemal. It is located in Istanbul, Eyüp.

       We have a big schoolyard. We have a canteen and sportsfield. We love playing basketball and volleyball at break times as well as in pyhsical education lessons.

          There are two buildings. One of them is the kindergarten and the other is the main building.In kindergarten there are seven classes and a playground. Kids love sliding and climbing on monkeybars. In the main building, there are thirty-seven classes, a teachers’ room and rooms of head teacher and deputy head teacher. There is a conference hall where we celebrate special events or show a theater. We have a rhythm group.

       We learn writing, reading as well as Maths, Social Sciences, Music and English. Our school is also Eco-friendly. We recyle paper,glass,plastics and batteries. We have an Eco team. They organize activities to raise awareness to environment. We are aiming to lower the carbon  footprint of our school.

        We believe in teamwork and strenght. There is a saying in Turkish “Bir elin nesi var iki elin sesi var” it means that when we help each other there is nothing we can not succeed.

       We love teamwork ! We love learning!


                            Scoala Turcia Kemal